Sleeptracker 24/7 App Review

Last updated: November 14th, 2017

Sleeptracker 24/7

Sleeptracker 24/7 is a medical grade 24/7 sleep cycle alarm, snore and apnea recorder, resting heart rate monitor, weight loss and activity tracker. Using the app, you can record when you went to sleep and measure how deep the sleep was by the movement of the bed.

Sleeptracker can record detailed information about you and your sleep over time. You can see how the time of year, your weight, your location and other factors contribute to your sleeping behavior.

Despite the name "Sleeptracker," the app can record more than just your sleep. You can count your steps and heart rate as well.

Sleeptracker Press

Sleeptracker's patented technology has been featured in The New York Times, ABC News, Dr. Phil and many more

Sleeptracker Features

sleeptracker menu

You can use Sleeptracker to record:

  • Your heart rate
  • Record your steps
  • Weight
  • Trends of changes over time
  • Noise at night from snoring or teeth grinding

Sleeptracker Settings

sleeptracker sleep settings

Sleeptracker allows you to record sleep motion, sound and lets you pick a sound to go to sleep to if you want.

sleeptracker sound settings

Sleeptracker's sound settings allow you to select from 24 different calming sounds to go to sleep to. You can adjust the volume and duration of the sounds.

sleeptracker placement test

When you set up Sleeptracker, you place it on your bed and check to see that it can determine you moving in bed. When you roll over during a test, the app will make a sound. You can place your phone on an armband or on the bed to use the app.

Sleeptracker 24/7 Logbook

sleeptracker results

After recording a night of sleep, Sleeptracker will show you your sleep score in a logbook. It shows you how deeply you slept based on the motion it recorded. Additionally, there are spots in the recoding which you can play back that are loud sounds. These sounds could be from traffic, snoring, teeth grinding, sleep talking or other events that took place during the night.

Sleeptracker 24/7 And Snoring

sleeptracker snoring

Sleeptracker records sounds that occur while you sleep. If the sounds are considered loud, it will store clips of these sounds for review as possible snoring. You cannot visualize the sounds it records, you can only listen to them as clips, one by one.

There are better apps to record snoring than Sleeptracker. Sleeptracker is designed mostly for monitoring how deeply you sleep based on movement, it is not designed for recording only snoring.

Sleeptracker 24/7 Alarm

sleeptracker alarm

You can use the Sleep Cycle Alarm to wake up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. To do this you must be recording your sleep to activate the alarm. You can pick the alarm sound you want and toggle it on or off before recording.

Sleeptracker can be used for powernaps. The default optimal powernap time is 26.5 minutes but Sleeptracker can learn your sleep habits and optimize the duration for you.

How Much Does Sleeptracker 24/7 Cost?

In the iPhone App Store it costs 99¢, on Android there are in-app purchases.

How Many Megabytes Is The Sleeptracker App?

Sleeptracker is updated regularly so the app size changes. Version 11.0 of Sleeptracker is 92.3 MB.

What's The Best Position For The App During Recording?

According to Sleeptracker's manual, the best position for the phone is on your arm using an armband. You can also use the app on your bed.

sleeptracker on arm

sleep tracker on bed

Sleeptracker Heart Monitor

heart rate monitor

Using Sleeptracker, you can record your heart rate using the camera and light.

Step Counting With Sleeptracker

sleeptracker steps

You can view your daily steps or toggle between 1-day, 7-day or 30-day summaries of steps. Review your moves score, total steps, aerobic steps, calories burned, active time, idle time and daily goal percentage. This is all useful information to know how exercise is impacting your sleep cycle.

Sleeptracker User Manual

Sleeptracker has its own user manual which you can download here.

Where Can Sleeptracker 24/7 Be Downloaded?

Sleeptracker can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android on their respective stores.

What Are Sleeptracker 24/7's Sleep Recording Stats?

Sleeptracker gives you various metrics on your sleep, including:

  • Total sleep time (hours and minutes)
    • Deep sleep time (hours and minutes)
    • Light sleep time (hours and minutes)
  • Time awake (hours and minutes)
  • Score (a value between 0 and 100 based on sleep efficiency, total sleep duration, ratio of deep to light sleep and the number of awakenings at night)
    • Example: 73/ 100
  • Sleep efficiency (actual sleep divided by time in bed multipled by 100 percent)
    • Example: 83%
  • Steps taken
  • Aerobic steps (steps taken during and after 5 consecutive minutes of walking and/ or jogging with a cadence of at least 60 steps/ minute)
  • Step calories (based on the number of steps, cadence and personal information such as height, weight, age and gender)
  • Distance (distance walked in miles)
  • Average cadence (average number of steps taken per minute)
  • Heart rate

How Do You Use Sleeptracker 24/7?

To use Sleeptracker 24/7, first download it for your mobile device. You should power the device into a wall because using it overnight can use too much battery to stay running the whole night. It may be possible to use a fully charged phone on a new phone, however.

After you have the app downloaded and properly powered, set the device up by doing a test. The test will confirm if the app can monitor if you are changing positions while sleeping.

If you change positions while sleeping, you are not deeply asleep. Sleeptracker will record all of the movements in the night and can tell you how deeply you slept by the movements.

You can review the score and graph of movements that Sleeptracker has for you. Over time, you can see if your sleep quality is increasing or decreasing. You can use alarms to wake up at certain times consistently, which is healthy for sleep.

Overall Evaluation of Sleeptracker 24/7

Sleeptracker is a sleep app which is designed to understand your health and the depth of your sleep. It is interesting because it monitors your motion at night by being aware of how much the bed, or your arm, moves. This helps Sleeptracker give you some unique data about your sleep that cannot be found in that many other apps.

Sleeptracker is not the best app to monitor snoring. Although Sleeptracker has settings to detect snoring, that is not its primary focus. The sound recording of Sleeptracker can be turned off, making the focus of the app purely about monitoring sleep depth.

If you are interested in knowing how much you move in the night and wake up, impacting the depth of your sleep, Sleeptracker is a useful app. Sleeptracker also has sounds which can help put you to sleep at a certain time. Sleeptracker can help you find a sleeping rhythm, going to bed and waking up at a specific time. It can also help you track your overall health with heart rate, weight and step counting as well.

For its price, Sleeptracker is a powerful app that can do many different things regarding sleep health and fitness. If you are looking to measure the depth of your sleep or get into a certain sleep pattern, Sleeptracker can help. If you are looking just to focus on snoring, it is less than idea but still somewhat capable in that department too.

Overall Rating: 4.1